Extending vessel service life with SCHOTTEL retrofits

SCHOTTEL retrofits mean precision-fit replacement components starting from control system upgrades right through to a complete replacement propulsion system. As soon as obsolete elements need to be replaced or a vessel requires upgrades to be fit for future missions, SCHOTTEL as an OEM ensures operation and support for future generations of ships – from a single vessel to a whole fleet.

SCHOTTEL retrofit


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Upgrading control and propulsion systems

  • State-of-the-art control and propulsion components for plannable, fail-safe operation
  • Extended service life of a vessel
  • Adaptation of a vessel to a changed operation profile
  • Innovations and experience from the new systems business
  • Modular retrofitting of control components
  • High spare parts and service availability as OEM for fleet standardization
  • Conversion of competitor systems (propulsion and control)

Retrofits – Propulsion

Propulsion system upgrade

Customized propulsion solutions allow you to extend the life of your vessel. We will provide you with proposals for a replacement propulsion system in the event of damage, a planned modified vessel operation profile or for the necessary replacement of an obsolete system. In the event of fleet standardization, streamlined service management in the global SCHOTTEL network pays off in terms of personnel and OEM spare parts.

We are also happy to look into the replacement of competitor products.


Customized SCHOTTEL propulsion concepts

Retrofits – Control system

Control system upgrade

Electrical components are subject to more innovative change, constantly enabling state-of-the-art condition monitoring. To address this development, you can choose between  replacing individual components or a completely new control system when upgrading. The latter also applies to the necessary replacement of a third-party product’s control system.

Component replacement
Maintaining electrical systems by replacing obsolete control components through to the replacement of complete switch and control panels with the latest SCHOTTEL functionalities; retrofitting of DP/AP/VDR systems and automation systems.

Full replacement
Replacement of the entire control system, conversion to electric control including component replacement, electrics and hydraulics

Competitor control upgrades
Replacement of other manufacturers’ electrical systems while keeping the system hydraulics: replacement of complete switch and control panels with the latest SCHOTTEL designs and functionalities; retrofitting of DP/AP/VDR systems and automation systems.

Change of electrical components

In the course of our passenger vessel upgrade project, SCHOTTEL was an excellent partner in terms of cooperation, organization and implementation.

Mario Mischelin Operations Manager of Wolfgangseeschifffahrt (Austria)

Wulf 9

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Vessel type
Offshore/harbour tugs (Germany)
Replacement of control system (no mechanical or hydraulics system)
Customer benefits
Low conversion costs, brief downtime
Control system


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Vessel type
Ferries (Finland)
Replacement of propulsion system
Customer benefits
Fleet standardization
SRP 150

MS Stefanie

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Vessel type
Passenger boat (Germany)
Electric drive and control concept
Customer benefits
Performance enhancement, quiet operation
Drive module, control system

MS Salzburg

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Vessel type
Passenger vessel (Austria)
Replacement of propulsion system with implementation of a battery concept
Customer benefits
Zero-emission drive power, low-loss power electronics, optional take home device
SPJ 30