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Our SCHOTTEL Report provides regular insights into the world of the German propulsion expert. Get to know our employees and customers and learn more about the latest technologies used in our products and services.

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No. 20

Offshore Wind

Thinking ahead for the future, developing innovative products that are both sustainable and efficient: for this, all signs in the SCHOTTEL world point to growth. New products, a new subsidiary and two new companies in the SCHOTTEL Group: learn more about how we are getting ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

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No. 19

Powerful Heritage. Bright Future.

What began in 1921 in an old barn on the Rhine River near Koblenz, Germany, has evolved over the years into a globally active company with fourteen subsidiaries on almost every continent. Have a look back at the achievement of past generations and also at how the course was set for a promising future.

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No. 18


Larger cargo ships, automated systems, global companies: ports and shipping companies are preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. Our cover story shows how seaports are looking to automated technology in the battle to attract larger and larger cargo ships. Beyond this, learn more about medium-sized azimuth thrusters and powerful manoeuvres in the Americas.

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No. 17

Suez Canal

The Suez Canal has been one of the world’s most important trade routes for 150 years. Our cover story shows how it has become navigable for the largest and heaviest container ships. Beyond this, learn more about state-of-the-art automation solutions thanks to a new cooperation with Norwegian ULSTEIN Group and how SCHOTTEL Academy seminars help customers upgrade their knowledge.

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No. 16


The fishing industry is one of the most important economic sectors: fish ensure the survival of billions of people worldwide. Our cover story shows how this is becoming more efficient and sustainable all the time thanks to innovative solutions. Beyond this, learn more about the new training centre in Australia, the work of our Vice President Technology and how SCHOTTEL customers benefit from even greater expertise in the design of their products with CFD.

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No. 15


With the melting of the Arctic ice, freighters from Asia are able to travel north of the Siberian mainland to Europe. Our cover story deals with the impact on global shipping traffic. Furthermore, you will read about the unique retrofit project of a passenger ship, the daily challenges of our supply analyst Paula Francisco in Brazil, and about the new SYDRIVE azimuth propulsion system as hybrid drive solution for any existing vessel design, and many more news from the international SCHOTTEL world.

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