Corporate Mission Statement

All SCHOTTEL employees are playing their part in helping us achieve our joint objective of thinking ahead for the benefit of our customers and setting the right trends. This mission statement establishes the basic principles for our everyday business activities and provides an appropriate framework for our actions.

We are the number one choice for vessel propulsion solutions and combine experience with innovation.

  • Within the SCHOTTEL family, we take responsability, work together closely, get stuck in and complete our tasks. 
  • We focus on what matters to our customers. 
  • Our innovations offer added value.
  • We offer the best service in the industry.
  • By working together with our customers and partners, we create sustainable solutions that are reliable, intelligent and environmentally friendly. 


Corporate Values

Learn more about our corporate values below, which serve us, among other things, as a guide to action, as standards of conduct and for corporate management.


We work together in a customer-oriented and responsible manner.


We maintain a sincere, honest approach characterized by solution-oriented actions.


We treat each other as equals, share our knowledge and never stop learning.


We act in a quality-conscious manner, make use of our skills and communicate consistently.


We are committed to sustainability on four levels:

  • Economic sustainability
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Technological sustainability

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