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Maritime propulsion and digital shipping offer a wealth of exciting practical topics for bachelor and master theses. Don’t worry, you won’t be left at sea to write them on your own, you’ll have support from our team of specialists. We can provide you with deep insights into the subject matter and are open to your curiosity – in return, we expect commitment and active involvement. After all, the aim is for both sides to benefit from this.

Besides the in-depth professional support, you can look forward to free meals in the canteen and expect to receive appropriate remuneration. If you complete your thesis with good or excellent results, there will be a bonus in store for you.

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Preferred fields of study
  • Mechanical engineering (drive technology, design)
  • Electrical engineering
  • Fluid physics
  • Aerospace technology
  • Automation technology
  • Computer science
Entry opportunities
  • Direct entry
  • Trainee programme for Sales/Engineering/Service
Preferred qualifications
  • Open to the challenge of digitalization
  • Excellent powers of comprehension
  • Analytical and conceptual thinking
  • Creative potential
  • Strong communicative and social skills
  • Creativity, open-mindedness and team spirit
  • Good to excellent English language skills
SCHOTTEL Masterthesis EPLAN Engineering Configuration

Thesis with and for SCHOTTEL

Master thesis about EPLAN Engineering Configuration

EPLAN Engineering Configuration (EEC in short) is a development environment that enables the user to formally describe complex products. EEC has different modules for automatically generating production documents and software that can be derived from an object-oriented model.

In his Master thesis, Robert Menchen is creating a modular system that automatically generates wiring diagram sheets for the SCHOTTEL TransverseThruster (STT) remote control system. He is also setting out the quality requirements for the modular system in a technical handbook so that all those involved can work on the project with consistent quality on the basis of the documentation. All in all, this will save time and reduce possible sources of error in the development process.

SCHOTTEL intensifies efforts to promote young talent

Six scholarships for the Hamburg University of Technology

In keeping with the anniversary motto "Strong heritage. Great Future.", we have been supporting six German scholarships for shipbuilding students at TU Hamburg since the winter semester 2021/22. The financial support is also accompanied by non-material support measures such as mentoring programmes. The Technical University of Hamburg is responsible for the application and selection process.

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