SCHOTTEL ControllablePropeller SCP

Efficient, reliable, flexible - The SCHOTTEL controllable pitch propeller combines maximum thrust with high reliability, low operation costs and user-friendly operation. A wide range of designs, decades of experience and more than a thousand references in practice enable us to realize the optimum propulsion train for your vessel’s mission profile.


At a glance

  • Full-feathering mode (optional)
  • Ergonomic operation with the latest remote-control technology
  • Variable modular system for adaptation to your specific requirements
  • EAL approved to prevent pollution
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Tried and tested in thousands of practical applications
  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Maximum thrust thanks to many years of experience in propeller design
  • Efficient and silent due to modern design methods such as CFD


Precision performance


Special advantages of SCHOTTEL

In addition to developing new products and services, SCHOTTEL works continuously to optimize existing systems. Special features ensure that customers worldwide benefit from state-of-the-art solutions.

ProAnode: increased corrosion protection

The German propulsion expert has set new standards for corrosion protection with the patented SCHOTTEL ProAnode: By moving the anodes from the outer surface to the outer cross-section of the nozzle, they are protected more effectively thus providing longer protection for the propulsion unit. There are also additional operational benefits, such as less flow disruption, resulting in fuel savings and lower operating costs.

Improved corrosion protection

To prevent the anodes from being knocked off by flotsam, ice or minor ground contact, they have been removed from the outer surface and integrated into the outer cross-section of the nozzle. Depending on their diameter and the anode material, these anodes can be integrated into the nozzle, allowing cathodic corrosion protection for up to five years. This means that fewer additional anodes are required on the hull or on other drive parts.

High-performance nozzles: SDV and SDC

High-performance nozzles from SCHOTTEL are used in various types of vessels and applications to boost the propeller’s thrust force. Based on decades of propulsion expertise, SCHOTTEL VarioDuct (SDV) and SCHOTTEL CruiseDuct (SDC) feature impressively high outputs during free sailing and excellent bollard pull values. Part of this is the state-of-the-art technologies used to ensure the high performance characteristics of the nozzles.

The new nozzles are equipped with the exclusive ProAnode technology from SCHOTTEL as standard.

SCHOTTEL VarioDuct (SDV45)

The SDV45 combines proven higher efficiency during free sailing with excellent bollard pull values. In conjunction with optimally designed propeller geometries, the nozzle is able to fully utilize the outstanding performance values. Assuming the same propulsion power, the bollard pull is higher than the thrust of previous nozzles, while efficiency is significantly enhanced in the medium and higher speed range. This makes a major contribution to fuel savings.

The SDV45 is suitable for use in a wide range of operation profiles.

SCHOTTEL CruiseDuct (SDC40)

The SDC40 sets standards in terms of compact design and free sailing efficiency, thus also reducing operating costs compared to nozzles from other manufacturers. The high-performance nozzle is also characterized by optimally designed propeller geometries and outstanding performance features.

The nozzle has a particularly small outer diameter. This enables it to be optimally adapted to a wide range of ship designs and applications. At the same time, the high-performance nozzle is also suitable for conversions and upgrades with limited installation space. The SDC40 excels with the highest free sailing efficiency in transit at higher speeds. In addition, a higher maximum speed can be achieved.

Further nozzles are available on a project-specific basis.

Optimized hubs

SCHOTTEL has enhanced its CP propeller design with its new generation of controllable pitch propeller hubs. The propellers are particularly suitable for higher speeds requiring high power density, low pressure pulses and minimized noise. The new hub shape considerably reduces the risk of cavitation, which may otherwise occur due to the demanding loads in these applications. Thanks to state-of-the-art mechanical design and hydrodynamic calculations, the hubs feature marked increases in efficiency and an optimized blade base with reduced cavitation load.

Full-feathering mode: optimized propulsion efficiency

SCHOTTEL CP propellers are available with the optional full-feathering mode. This enables the propeller blades to be aligned parallel to the flow beyond the range of adjustment in normal sailing mode, thus minimizing drag resistance. As a result, the vessel can be propelled at partial load with a single switched-on propulsion unit for enhanced energy efficiency. This means optimized propulsion efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs.

Controllable pitch propeller blades

For applications with particularly high demands in terms of vessel speed, power density and sound signature, you have the option of selecting our proven SCP also with a hub variant for five adjustable propeller blades. The blade geometry and hub contour are hydrodynamically optimized and harmonized in such a way that, in addition to high efficiency, good cavitation behavior and extremely low pressure pulses are achieved. Requirements for maximum comfort on board and lowest noise emissions under water are met.


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