We operate a LinkedIn account so that we can also contact you via this channel if you are also a member of LinkedIn. It is neither necessary nor recommended by us to become a member there in order to contact us. We also communicate information or special offers on other channels, especially on our website.

Your data and your usage behavior are analyzed extensively on LinkedIn. Cookies or comparable techniques or the storage of the IP addresses used may be used for this purpose. The data can then be used for advertising purposes and market research. In the process, personal data may also be processed outside the European Economic Area (EEA), in particular in the USA, but we cannot influence this. Please note our detailed information on our social media presences or on LinkedIn in our privacy policy.

As a logged-in LinkedIn user, your visit can be assigned to your user account. If you wish to visit our LinkedIn account anonymously, you should be logged out of there and have deleted your LinkedIn cookies.

Yes, visit the SCHOTTEL account as a LinkedIn member