Nodosa has been building, modifying and repairing ships for more than 50 years. The Spanish shipyard has already delivered over 300 vessels, including numerous fishing vessels, tugs and workboats, ferries, offshore vessels, and yachts.

José Ramón Regueira

Commercial Director at Nodosa

Which are the new challenges for your company to meet?

Right now, a magnificent field is opening up for new vessels that run on clean and environmentally friendly energies. This is also what we are observing as a newbuilding and repair yard: the demand for reliable, energy-efficient, and low-emission equipment is increasing significantly.

What are the reasons of your partnership with SCHOTTEL?

SCHOTTEL is the ideal supplier to meet our customers’ requirements in the field of propulsion. Its reliability is beyond any doubt and this gives us, the responsible shipyard, peace of mind.

What does SCHOTTEL support look like?

Our technicians and ship managers, who really know SCHOTTEL from the most critical moments during installation and commissioning, are convinced by the overall reliability, but also by the attention that SCHOTTEL pays to every little detail related to its equipment. There is also the clear, specific, and precise documentation, as well as the highly qualified technicians with a very strong sense of cooperation. And there is
always someone at the other end of the line ready to give us their best service—in a simple, friendly, and attentive manner. Regarding after-sales, I can tell you a fact that surely speaks for itself: in the 20 years of cooperating with SCHOTTEL, no customer of ours has ever had a single serious problem related to SCHOTTEL equipment. I think this is the best that can be said for any supplier.

My congratulations and admiration for having mastered these first 100 years so well. I wish SCHOTTEL continued success for the next 100 years.