A major requirement for the award-winning White Rabbit  superyacht was that the vessel be quiet and free of vibration. Mark Stothard, Managing Director of Echo Yachts, explains how SCHOTTEL helped deliver


Mark Stothard is the Managing Director of Echo Yachts, which he founded in 2014. An aircraft engineer by trade, he has been in the boat building industry since the early 1980’s.

Echo Yachts is a builder of superyachts. What makes a yacht a superyacht?

A yacht can be either a sailing or a highly finished motor vessel, and anything over 30 metres in length is typically referred to as a superyacht.

One vessel which recently left your shipyard was the M/Y White Rabbit, a recent recipient of the Boat International’s 2019 Design & Innovation Awards. What makes it special?

The White Rabbit is a superlative superyacht in many regards: it is the largest all aluminium superyacht and the largest trimaran superyacht ever built, plus the largest to ever be constructed in Australia. The long slender hulls of the trimaran allow for up to 40 percent less installed power – 5,000 kW in our vessel compared to 8,000 kW in a monohull steel superyacht of the same volume and top speed. Ultimately, this means far less fuel consumption for the same top speed and far less fuel capacity for same long range cruising. This equates to lower environmental, running and maintenance costs.

What were some of the challenges with construction?

The main challenge in the build of any superyacht is simply the amount of detail and the high standard of finishes required, which, in turn, results in a huge number of man-hours to achieve the necessary level of perfection we deliver. Then there are many complex systems on board, such as the navigation and dynamic positioning technologies, communications and entertainment systems, fire detection and control, desalination, sewage treatment, oily water separation and a cranes for tender launching – to name just a few. And of course, a suitable propulsion and manoeuvring system is central to the vessel. In the White Rabbit, this comprises, among other brands’ components, two continuous duty SCHOTTEL Pump Jets as stern thrusters and one SCHOTTEL hub-less bow thruster for low noise and vibration manoeuvring. The SCHOTTEL equipment is also seamlessly integrated into the overall dynamic positioning system.

Why was this propulsion and manoeuvring system selected?

Our client challenged us with engineering bold- ness, requesting we pay extra special attention to ensuring a drive train and manoeuvring system that is extremely quiet and also vibration free. The SCHOTTEL components we selected were most suited to the outcomes we were hoping to achieve – and achieve we did! These systems work seamlessly, efficiently and quietly, making the vessel very manoeuvrable and comfortable for the guests onboard.

What did SCHOTTEL support look like?

We worked with the office in Fremantle near Perth. They were very helpful with service and assistance during the build and commissioning of the vessel.
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ECHO YACHTS Based in Henderson, Western Australia, Echo Yachts specializes in the 100 % custom design and manufacture of world class superyachts. The full-service firm brings together experts from all over the world to come up with bespoke solutions for its customers. Echo Yachts also provides services for all facets of vessel maintenance, repair and refits.