What customers are saying about SCHOTTEL

Mystic Cruises is said to be the first Portuguese company to build a cruise ship in more than 50 years. With World Explorer, the company launched its first ocean vessel in April 2019 and has already announced the construction of five more

How will Mystic Cruises defferentiate itself from its competitors in the market?

Mário Ferreira, Chairman of Mystic Invest Holding: Sailing under the Mystic Cruises brand, the vessel incorporates many innovations that help maximize safety and minimize the ship’s environmental impact. The two onboard
SCHOTTEL SPJ 82 Pump Jets can propel this vessel at a near-silent cruising speed of 5 knots without scaring sea life away. Mystic Cruises’ World Explorer is among the first cruise ships to employ this technology to bring guests closer to marine wildlife by minimizing underwater noise.

Will there be further cooperation after the World Explorer?

The sister ships World Voyager and World Navigator, launching in 2020 and 2021 respectively, will also be equipped with SCHOTTEL Pump Jets.

Why did you choose SCHOTTEL?

Our goal is to build one of the cleanest, safest and quietest ships in our category. We designed our cruise ships to bring our guests closer to and experience more of a destination while ensuring that we do our part to help sustain these unparalleled places so we can enable future generations to
enjoy them too. These thrusters are perfect for achieving the goal of bringing adventurers closer to more wildlife – safely and sustainably.