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Electrify your propulsion!

Propulsion systems & System Integration

Customized vessel electrification

Cooperating with SCHOTTEL | elkon is your key to the electrification of ships:

  • Benefit from an optimized and cost-effective design. 

  • Deal with only one contact person for propulsion and system integration solutions.

  • Gain added value with unique expertise knowledge for various applications.

  • Position yourself ideally in the highly competitive growth field of ship electrification. 

  • Meet the requirements for profitable contracts with emissions restrictions.

  • Benefit from a hydrodynamically and electrically aligned system. 

Naval Architects

Benefits for Naval Architects
Naval architects will profit from a hydrodynamically and electrically well adjusted solution. With our expert consultations for all customized vessel-electrification needs, you will provide customers with a future-proof and cost-effective design.


Benefits for Yards
Numerous field-tested applications give shipyards the security of going electric with strong partners. With just one contact person, your workload when placing orders and planning projects will be reduced immensely.


Benefits for Operators
Operators will be more competitive in the growing area of ship electrification with a solution considering latest emission regulations and low operational costs at the same time. More than 100 sales and service stations guarantee worldwide support.

Expert consultation

Customized solutions

Restricted emissions

Global on-site availability

Scope of Supply

  • Azimuth thrusters: controls, commissioning, service & spare parts
  • E-motor for main propulsion: asynchronous machine, PM motor, liquid- or air-cooled
  • Electric components & integration
  • Multi-drive switchboards: DC/DC converter for each battery package, inverter unit (INU) for each azimuth thruster motor, grid converter (OGC) for each AC switchboard transfer line
  • System integration: design & engineering, PMS/EMS, commissioning

Propulsion solution & Electric components and integration

DC multi-drive solution system overview

AC multi-drive solution system overview

Propulsion electrification with SCHOTTEL | elkon means:

  • Two trusted companies in the maritime market
  • Electrification experience in almost all vessel types
  • Tailor-made solutions with a high amount of standard components
  • Single point of contact for a smooth execution
  • Comprehensive scope of supply
  • 100+ sales and service stations for global on-site availability

Insights into the SCHOTTEL & elkon production

SCHOTTEL | elkon equipped vessels

Swift (Ferry)

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Scope of supply
Electric system integration (elkon); 2x SCD 560 STP & 2x STT 1 (SCHOTTEL)

Østerfjord (Longliner)

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Scope of supply
Electric system integration (elkon); 1x SCP 774, 1x SRP 190 RT & 1x STT 170 (SCHOTTEL)

Wind of Hope (SOV)

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Scope of supply
Electric system integration (elkon); 2x SRP 430, 2x STT 6, 1x SRP 260 R (SCHOTTEL)