SCHOTTEL Retractable Tunnel RudderPropeller

The successful SCHOTTEL RudderPropeller is also available in an RT version. This combines the advantages of a retractable propulsion system with those of a transverse thruster. This means that the SRP-RT can be used as a transverse thruster when retracted and as a fully steerable propulsion unit when extended. By rotating the underwater section through 360 degrees, the full propulsion power can be used for manoeuvring and dynamic positioning. The SRP-RT can also be used as a take home system.


At a glance

Technical data

SRP-RT in numbers

TypeInput power
Input speed Z-Drive
[min -1]
Input Speed L-Drive
Propeller Ø
Drive Variants
SRP 190 RT490180018001.40SOO
SRP 260 RT880120012001.65OSO
SRP 460 RT24507502.60SO
SRT 610 RT35007503.20SO

S = Standard, O = Option

The above information is for guidance only. They do not apply to ice-classified ships. The final choice of propulsion unit depends on the actual operational profile of the vessel and is determined by SCHOTTEL. The ratings given are based on experience in the typical areas of operation of the respective vessel types. If you cannot identify your application in the “Typical applications” section or if you have a vessel with a special area of application, SCHOTTEL will be happy to determine the most suitable propulsion unit for you.