When it comes to shallow water operations, the new hydrodynamically optimized SCHOTTEL ShallowDuct offers to profit from a standard rudder propeller's high efficiency. By using an integrated hull cover plate and a nozzle tilt of 2.5 degrees, it is now possible to stay with a normal propeller's diameter and its operational benefits while experiencing a low coanda effect. 

The design connects optimally with the flat or minimally inclined hulls of the type of vessels operating in shallow waters, and those with increasingly low water periods. 

SCHOTTEL ShallowDuct


  • Standard SCHOTTEL RudderPropeller propulsion efficiency for shallow water operation
  • Minimal installation space by means of a cover plate which is part of the ship's hull
  • Slightly tilted nozzle for lowered coanda effect
  • Nozzle protection grid for SRP (optional)
  • Easy mounting as plug-and-play solution

Hydrodynamically optimized