SCHOTTEL Underwater Mountable RudderPropeller

As an underwater mountable version of the proven SRP, the SRP-U is designed for use in the most extreme conditions, such as those found in large drilling ships or offshore vessels of all kinds. The tried and tested method of mounting and dismounting on site underwater means that there is no need for a time-consuming stay in dry dock. In addition to all the advantages of the SCHOTTEL RudderPropeller, the SRP-U boasts simple and safe installation and ensures maximum dynamic positioning performance (DP) even in the most difficult sea conditions. In addition to the standard version, it is also available with an eight-degree inclined propeller shaft, which prevents any interference when installing several propulsion units or in special mounting conditions.


At a glance

Technical data

TypeInput power
Input Speed L-Drive
Propeller Ø
SRP 750 U4700720 /7503.80
SRP 800 U5500720 /7504.10

S = Standard, O = Option

The above information is for guidance only. They do not apply to ice-classified ships. The final choice of propulsion unit depends on the actual operational profile of the vessel and is determined by SCHOTTEL. The ratings given are based on experience in the typical areas of operation of the respective vessel types. If you cannot identify your application in the “Typical applications” section or if you have a vessel with a special area of application, SCHOTTEL will be happy to determine the most suitable propulsion unit for you.