Engineering Support

In order to operate ship propulsion systems economically, all factors require optimum coordination. The result is maximum thrust, efficiency, durability and comfort. Accordingly, SCHOTTEL Engineering Support guides customers both during the crucial design phase of the vessel and throughout its entire life cycle.

CFD Calculations & Model Tests

State-of-the-art calculation and simulation methods, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), enable SCHOTTEL to simulate, analyze and optimize the flow behaviour of a wide variety of propulsion and vessel designs.

Customers benefit from the combination of many years of propulsion expertise, high-performance hardware and software and the latest scientific findings. Furthermore, SCHOTTEL offers support and supervision of model trials which include reliable performance predictions based on true-to-scale models.



Propeller Optimization

Propeller geometry optimization in terms of static thrust, free sailing, wake field or cavitation

Ship resistance

Calculation and optimization of ship's hull resistance in a virtual towing tank

Determining propulsion power

Calculation of the required power of a vessel for defined scenarios such as bollard pull or free sailing

Cavitation behaviour

Determination and optimization of propeller cavitation behaviour for selected operating points

Noise emission

Numerical forecast of noise and vibration emissions due to propeller-induced pressure fluctuations

Remote Assistance Services

When time is of the essence, we can provide you with remote assistance using augmented reality to ensure your processes and work orders are carried out on schedule. This service provides you with fast interactive support from local specialists or from the Service experts at the SCHOTTEL headquarters in Germany. We will be happy to advise you on the requirements for using this service.

An experienced SCHOTTEL service engineer will need to be on site for complex work tasks.

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  • Great cost and time savings by providing focused support and eliminating travel time
  • Interactive and personal assistance with real-time visual support
  • Instantly available reliable tool complying with all current security standards (TeamViewer Pilot)
  • Prevention of potentially more serious damage through early and rapid intervention
  • In-depth support by local experts or from SCHOTTEL headquarters with accompanying simulations