Precision performance

Controllable pitch propellers are used wherever maximum thrust and manoeuvrability at changing speeds and loads are needed. The adjustability of the propeller blades makes them particularly suitable for vessels that have to fulfil a wide-ranging operational profile. The propellers are designed according to the customer’s individual requirements using state-of-the-art calculation methods such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Operators thus benefit from a high degree of efficiency with lower fuel and operating costs. 

SCHOTTEL ControllablePropellers are available in 4- and 5-blade versions with optional full-feathering function. 

The Tennor Ocean ready for launch: fully mounted propulsion system with a five-metre propeller diameter

Robust, reliable, powerful

  • reduced noise and vibration levels
  • minimal maintenance thanks to its robust design
  • easy access to hub for less servicing effort
  • hydrodynamically optimized CP hubs
  • approved for use with biodegradable oils (EALs)
  • available as complete propulsion packages