Compact SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers for new Chinese e-tug

SCHOTTEL is to equip Guangzhou Port Group’s latest e-tug with two RudderPropellers type SRP 360 in the LE-Drive variant (“embedded L-Drive”). The new harbour tug has a length of about 37.9 metres and a beam of 10.5 metres and will be mainly used for berthing assistance, escorting and towing in the Port of Guangzhou, China.

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Perfect fit for modern propulsion concept
Each SRP has an input power of 1,500 kilowatts and a propeller diameter of 2.2 metres. The 360-degree steerable thruster combines maximum manoeuvrability and bollard pull with outstanding efficiency during free sailing, providing powerful thrust in any chosen direction at all times. The eco-friendly L-Drive fits perfectly into the e-tug’s modern propulsion concept. Fewer mechanical parts ensure less mechanical loss and incur lower maintenance costs.

Decisive space advantages and excellent service support
The embedded L-Drive variant of the SRP reduces the installation height of the thrusters. This yields a number of key advantages, especially with respect to smaller vessels such as tugs, where space is always an issue. To ensure the operational readiness of the thrusters, SCHOTTEL guarantees long-term availability of spare parts and provides its customers with a dense global network of SCHOTTEL subsidiaries offering service support when and where needed.

Cementing many years of successful cooperation
The new e-tug has been designed by Guangzhou Marine Engineering Corporation and will be built by Lianyungang Hongyun Co., a shipyard with a wealth of experience in e-tug construction. By equipping the latest e-tug with SRPs, the shipyard is cementing its many years of successful cooperation with SCHOTTEL. The vessel will be delivered to the tug operating division of Guangzhou Port Group, the biggest tug owner in South China. The company currently has more than 20 tugs with SCHOTTEL propulsion systems in operation or under construction. On completion, the China Classification Society (CCS) will initiate procedures to certify the tug with N and E i-Ship ratings, classifying it as a vessel with an intelligent navigation system and an intelligent energy efficiency management system.