SCHOTTEL Subsidiary in Fremantle, Australia

SCHOTTEL Australia

SCHOTTEL Australia Pty Ltd
14 Mews Road Fremantle, WA 6160
ABN: 39165 661 594

Tel.: +61 / 4 07 17 07 18
Mobile: +61 / 4 07 17 07 18


SCHOTTEL-Niederlassung in Fremantle, Australien
SCHOTTEL-Niederlassung in Fremantle, Australien


Services for New Builds and After Sales
  • Proposals of complete propulsion systems for new buildings and retrofits
  • Preparation of technical specifications and support
  • Spare parts selection and sales, supply of available spare parts
  • Engagement of professional service technicians
  • Proposals, installation, and commissioning of upgrades
Technical Support
  • Troubleshooting by SCHOTTEL employees on site or via remote diagnosis
  • After sales service with recommendations on short, medium and long-term maintenance for increased uptime of thrusters
  • Technical documentation
Training Center
  • We provide training for the crew (skippers and engineers) on a fully functional control system in a safe and stress free environment.
  • Troubleshooting and fault finding exercises for engineers on a live system.
  • Customized courses based on specific vessels and owner requirements. 
  • Failures and emergency control scenarios for Skippers on the simulator.
  • Classroom trainings and system familiarization.
Training Center
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