Josef Becker Research Centre

Today’s greatness and strength of the propulsion specialist SCHOTTEL is rooted in innovative product ideas that are ahead of their time. Creative solutions will be required in future, too, not just in modern shipping, but also in related fields. To strengthen its innovative potential, SCHOTTEL has founded the Josef Becker Research Centre.

In this think tank, engineers from a wide variety of disciplines work together to develop new solutions. SCHOTTEL is partly making use of its experienced existing workforce, while also integrating new staff with previous experience in the shipbuilding industry. The think tank is free to work on innovations away from the hectic pace of everyday operations. It is to have creative teams working at a distance from the pressures of day-to-day business. The name of SCHOTTEL stands for ideas which have been a driving force behind shipping. Our company founder Josef Becker was honoured posthumously with the renowned Elmer A. Sperry Award for his pioneering invention, the Rudderpropeller. The Research Centre bears his name, and, following his example, we are working on new concepts for shipbuilding and beyond. SCHOTTEL claims that for sustainable development, however, it is important – now, more than ever – to invest even more in research and development. The think tank will make a valuable contribution to keeping us among the world’s leading propulsion specialists.


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