mei 2020

Penguin selects SCHOTTEL for Flex-42X Executive Fast Crew Boats

Penguin’s Flex-42X Executive Fast Crew Boat with SCHOTTEL Transverse Thrusters

Following a successful testing and evaluation programme, Singapore-based Penguin International Ltd. has selected SCHOTTEL’s Tunnel Thruster STT 51 FP for its flagship Flex-42X series of eight executive fast crew boats. Penguin is an integrated designer, builder, owner and operator of high-speed crafts as well as a prolific builder of mid-sized crew boats and armoured security boats for sales and charter. With a 95 kW electric motor controlled by a variable frequency drive, the STT will be installed in the new vessels being built by the customer’s shipyards in Singapore and Indonesia.


STT feature aluminium tunnel and aluminium lower gear housing

As the vessels are based on a completely re-designed aluminium monohull form, the STTs feature an aluminium tunnel as well as an aluminium lower gear housing. They thus support the vessel’s overall material properties with the advantages of reduced vessel weight and enhanced performance. Apart from this, the STT’s general low levels of noise and vibration support the vessels’ complete smooth ride, berthing and mooring.


Crew boats with multi-role features

The newly designed mid-size FLEX-42X has an overall length of 42.00m, a moulded breadth of 8.00m, and a design draft of 1.60m. The clear deck cargo area is about 110 m², the fuel capacity is about 80,000 litres. With a luxurious business class seating for 80 passengers plus a crew of 12 the vessel offers more cabin space than any of the other fleet’s crew boats. They support offshore oil and gas activities, maritime security services and other high-speed transportation requirements for personnel and cargo. Apart from that, they are designed to execute a variety of missions, including security and escort, search and rescue, fire fighting and medivac.