december 2016

National Institute of Fisheries Science orders SCHOTTEL SCPs

The SCP systems in this previous vessel “Tamgu 21” already convinced the customer.

The twelfth fishery research vessel of the South Korean National Institute of Fisheries Science is also being fitted with SCHOTTEL Controllable Pitch Propellers (SCP). The German propulsion specialist has now received the order for two systems, each with a power rating of 1505 kW and a propeller diameter of 2600 mm.


Lowest possible pressure fluctuations and running noise

This contract includes a number of research-based specifications, such as high propeller efficiency at open-water speed. Great importance is also being placed on an optimal propeller design to achieve cavitation-free operation in the low speed range. To this end, the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) is being involved in the trials of the propeller design. The objective of the specifications is to achieve an optimized geometry that will minimize all pressure fluctuations and noise emissions in order not to influence the sensitive measurements on board the research vessel.


12-vessel NIFS fleet

The SCP systems and the local customer support had already convinced the customer on the previous vessel (“Tamgu 21”), leading to this follow-up contract. On completion of the project, the research vessel will be operated in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the South Korean coast, where it is due to join the fleet as the twelfth vessel in 2018. The National Institute of Fisheries Science conducts research into maintaining biodiversity and ecosystems. The results are used primarily for fisheries.