augustus 2016

Now certified: SCHOTTEL LEACON sealing system

Environmentally friendly alternative to biobased gear oils

Following a technical update the SCHOTTEL LEACON system has now been certified by the independent classification society DNV-GL as a leak-free sealing system for the oil-to-sea interface. This means that SCHOTTEL drives with LEACON can still be operated in US waters without the need to use bio-oils in compliance with the current VGP from EPA. This optimized version has already been integrated in the ongoing production.


DNV-GL certified system

SCHOTTEL LEACON is a service-proven system and has been used in its principal function since November 2009. Separate seals on the seawater side and on the gearbox side ensure that both seawater entering the system and gear oil escaping from the system are collected in an intermediate chamber (LEACON chamber). This prevents water from entering the gearbox and, in particular, oil from escaping into the seawater. The connected negative pressure system causes the leaking fluid to enter a compact tank in the engine room automatically.


In addition to leak-free sealing of the oil-to-sea interface, the LEACON system also enables monitoring of the state of the seals. The automation system registers the quantities of leaked fluids collected, thereby determining at all times the operating condition of the sealing system. Eventual damage to the seals can be detected early and maintenance work can be planned in good time.


Safe with mineral oil-based gear oil

Consequently, SCHOTTEL customers can still use tried-and-tested mineral oil-based gear oil in accordance with the current SCHOTTEL lube oil regulations. This saves costs and eliminates the need for the time-consuming lubricant maintenance associated with bio-oil.


If requested by the customer and under certain conditions, the SCHOTTEL LEACON system can also be used in combination with bio-oil to ensure maximum environmental protection.