juli 2007

Propulsion specialist SCHOTTEL reorganizes

With a revised product range and a new corporate structure, propulsion specialist SCHOTTEL is well equipped to meet the increasing demands of shipbuilding worldwide. With effect from 29 June 2007, SCHOTTEL GmbH & Co. KG headquarters in Spay/Rhine and SCHOTTEL-Antriebstechnik GmbH in Wismar have been merged to form the new SCHOTTEL GmbH with its registered office in Spay and branches in Wismar and Hamburg. SCHOTTEL Schiffsmaschinen GmbH, which is also based at the Wismar location, will continue to develop and manufacture reliable, high-efficiency controllable-pitch propeller systems as an independent company. In addition to this, the SCHOTTEL Group has strong agencies and subsidiaries in all the major shipping centres, through which the company maintains a local presence close to its markets and customers throughout the world.

The core competencies of SCHOTTEL GmbH are the development, production and servicing of steerable propulsion and manoeuvring systems such as the classic Rudderpropeller and its electric variant the Combi Drive, the SCHOTTEL Pump-Jet and the SCHOTTEL Transverse Thrusters.


“In the coming years we shall continue to grow on the strength of our capabilities,” Managing Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Jensen asserted in a recent statement to the press. With an exceptionally high level of orders on hand in all business segments and booming demand for SCHOTTEL products worldwide, a new production shop is already to be built in China, as well as a new warehouse in Wismar, both in the course of this year. The company management is currently examining further possibilities for increasing production capacity.