december 2007

Expanded SCHOTTEL Board of Management on course for growth

Following the go-ahead by the SCHOTTEL Supervisory Board a month ago for the company’s growth plans, and authorization of the associated investment of €4.8m for production expansion in 2008, the Supervisory Board met again in Spay on 4 December 2007 to make far-sighted personnel decisions with a view to achieving successful implementation of the concept.

Implementation of the growth concept, approved by the Supervisory Board, is one of the primary tasks of the expanded SCHOTTEL Board of Management (from left to right): Erich Klosterkamp, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Jensen and Christophe Mourot.

Erich Klosterkamp, CFO, has been appointed to the Board of Management of SCHOTTEL GmbH with effect from 1 January 2008. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Jensen, previously the sole CEO, is now Speaker of the Board of Management, and will also be assuming responsibility for the Engineering, Sales and Service departments and the corresponding subsidiaries. Erich Klosterkamp will be responsible for Finance, Personnel and Production.


Christophe Mourot, Director of Marketing & Sales, has been appointed as Executive Vice President in the expanded Board of Management. From now on, he will be managing the Sales and Service departments, answering directly to Professor Jensen. In view of the dynamic growth of the SCHOTTEL Group, his main task will be coordinating development of the Sales department he will be managing with that of the Service organization run by Ralf Wöllert. “Alongside optimizing communication and the way the company presents itself, the primary objective is improved coordination of the Sales and Service departments in the interests of our ever expanding clientele,” says Prof. Jensen, explaining the expansion of the Board of Management and the revised division of responsibility.