maart 2010

SCHOTTEL opens new spare parts logistics centre

Rapid provision of spare parts reduces downtime and is therefore vitally important for every shipowner and ship operator. Propulsion specialist SCHOTTEL has once again shown just how seriously it takes this issue with the inauguration, in March 2010, of a new spare parts warehouse at its headquarters in Koblenz / Spay, which is responsible for procurement and global distribution of spare parts for the azimuthing propulsion systems of SCHOTTEL GmbH.

Inauguration of the new SCHOTTEL Logistics Centre by Ralf Wöllert, Director Customer Support (left) and Dieter Hahn, General Manager Service Department (right).

With the new warehouse facility, SCHOTTEL is separating the spare parts logistics for customer support from the production logistics for the manufacture of new systems. This enables all customer orders to be handled with top priority – from order picking to shipping, the process remains the responsibility of Customer Support. Furthermore, the facility also has its own Purchasing unit with exclusive responsibility for the spare parts service, which can give particular attention to fast procurement in especially urgent cases.


In addition to the storage racks, a computer-controlled vertical lift system is used. This ensures the rapid availability of small parts and meets the sensitive storage requirements for such parts as seals and electronic components.


For Ralf Wöllert, Director Customer Support at SCHOTTEL, the new logistics centre means real efficiency gains. “Customers will now be able to receive their orders significantly faster.”