June 2012

SCHOTTEL extends product range

SCHOTTEL Rim Thruster (SRT) for OSVs, Superyachts and Inland Water Vessels


Reduced noise and vibration, high efficiency, savings in space and weight as well as eco-friendliness – these are important requirements to be met by thrusters for vessels frequently operating in DP mode, or whenever comfort is of utmost importance. With the SCHOTTEL Rim Thruster (SRT) the German propulsion experts have extended their product spectrum, adding a series of four rim-driven thruster sizes (200-800 kW) to their portfolio.


Operating principle – efficient and comfortable

The SRT is an electrically operated thruster system without a gearbox and propeller shaft. The stator of the electric motor is integrated into the outer part of a tunnel. Blades are fastened to the inside of the rotor. The result is a quiet, space- and weight-saving drive capable of transmitting the electric power directly into propulsion - without transmission losses and noise caused by a gear box. The optimized hydrodynamic design with the blades inside leads to a considerable reduction of cavitation.

Reduced maintenance

Moreover the design is robust and maintenance-friendly. The highly efficient electric motor is cooled by the surrounding water. The blades can easily be exchanged in case of damage . In addition to this, the water lubricated slide bearings are easily accessible for maintenance which reduces costs on this side.

The SCHOTTEL Rim Thruster SRT will be available in 2013 worldwide through the SCHOTTEL distribution network and, in the sectors of inland waterways and luxury yachts, through Van der Velden Marine Systems.

Advantages of the SCHOTTEL Rim Thruster in brief:

  • High performance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low noise
  • Low vibrations
  • Compact design
  • Water-lubricated bearings
  • Exchangeable blades
  • Exchangeable slide bearings
SCHOTTEL Rim Thruster (SRT) sizes:



Inner diameter

Rated power




SRT 800



SRT 1000



SRT 1250



SRT 1600