March 2018

SCHOTTEL Far East relocated to new spacious facilities

The SCHOTTEL Singapore subsidiary has relocated to its new and spacious facilities next to the new shipyard centre in southwestern Singapore. This heavy investment shows SCHOTTEL’s strong interest in the long-term partnership with local customers.


New: lifting capacity of 80 tonnes
SCHOTTEL is enhancing its commissioning, maintenance and repair activities to meet current and future standards of propulsion systems. The new facilities are equipped to support this endeavour. They incorporate a workshop with an 80-tonne lifting capacity, two 40-tonne cranes that can lift loads up to nine metres in height, and also a crane with a lifting capacity of 6.3 tonnes. “This enables us to service and overhaul Rudderpropellers up to approximately 3,500 kW in a professional environment,” says Joachim Schein, Managing Director of SCHOTTEL Far East Pte Ltd. in Singapore, who has been for SCHOTTEL in the city state since 2006. Part of the new building is a warehouse with all common SCHOTTEL spare parts, a sales area of almost 1,200 square metres and offices spanning 800 square metres.


“Provide the entire range of services in the region with our own people.”
SCHOTTEL Far East acts as the regional Headquarters for the German propulsion specialist. Local partners are supported in their sales activities and provided with technical consulting and services. Ten of the around 30 employees in Singapore are service engineers who have been trained on all SCHOTTEL products. “We always aim to provide the entire range of services in the region with our own people,” explains Joachim Schein.

Service from Oceania to Australia

The territory covered by SCHOTTEL Far East spreads over approximately 20 countries. The German propulsion specialist has a large installed base in the Asia Pacific and is for instance very successful in the tug and workboat market with more than 2,200 sold SCHOTTEL propulsors.


Some of the major customers include the port authorities in Singapore and Indonesia who choose SCHOTTEL equipment for their tugs. Well-known shipyards in Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam are building tugs with SCHOTTEL technology, frequently for exporting around the world. “Developments in the
tug sector are exciting,” says Joachim Schein. Stringent environmental regulations in China or Australia, for example, are giving hybrid technology a boost. “China is the market leader for electric drives, and diesel-electric hybrid propulsion is gaining significant traction in the Far East.”


Successful start in Australia
The decision to establish the wholly-owned SCHOTTEL Far East subsidiary SCHOTTEL Australia in 2013 has proven particularly worthwhile. Mohamed Ghonem, Managing Director of SCHOTTEL Australia and his service technician team are permanently stationed in the Western Australian town of Fremantle. Around 50 Australian tugs are equipped with SCHOTTEL technology.


New training centre in Fremantle
SCHOTTEL Australia has been operating a new training centre in Fremantle since September. In cooperation with Svitzer Australia, a simulator with complete remote control hardware was put into operation there. “We train customers comprehensively and market this service externally,” says Mohamed Ghonem. The
first interested parties have already booked the simulator.


Expansion in promising areas
The strategy pursued by SCHOTTEL Far East is clear and will even be strengthened by the new premises: maintain and increase market shares, gain a competitive edge by providing local service, support innovations and expand in new areas. As a result of more than four decades of long-term good relationships with customers, good products and good work the company is well-established in the region.


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