December 2017

SCHOTTEL propels largest tug in the fleet of Chinese Lianyungang

Chinese Lianyungang port is among the largest ports in the world. (© Lianyungang HB)

German propulsion specialist SCHOTTEL has signed a contract for the delivery of a SRP 560 with a power rating of 2794 kW for the construction of an ASD tug for the Chinese customer Lianyungang HB. With 90 tons of bollard pull, the new vessel will be the largest azimuth thruster driven tugboat in the fleet of Lianyungang HB. The harbour tug that is currently being built at Lianyungang Hongyun Co. Ltd. will operate at Lianyungang port.  With a cargo throughput of 210 million ton per year in 2015, Lianyungang is among China’s largest ports linking eastern sea routes with western land routes. The shipowner comments: “We have worked with SCHOTTEL on several other projects before and are very satisfied with the reliability of the propulsion systems and the excellent technical support, which is why we will also be equipping our new project with a SRP.” Lianyungang harbour and SCHOTTEL have been working together since 2010.


More powerful tugs handling increasingly larger vessels

As vessels are growing in size, tugs are rapidly evolving and equipment becomes proportionally bigger to serve the new generation of giant ships. With over 60 years of experience in propulsion development and manufacturing, SCHOTTEL has adjusted its portfolio of propulsion solutions over the years according to the market trend. “Harbour tugs today need significantly more power and a high bollard pull for the effective manoeuvring of the giant containerships that dominate the major shipping routes nowadays”, explains Hans Laheij, SCHOTTEL’s Vice President Sales & Marketing.