SRP Rudderpropeller

The SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller. From brilliant invention to global classic

The SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller is recognized worldwide as the classic marine propulsion system. Developed and built in 1950 by Josef Becker, founder of the present-day SCHOTTEL Group, it quickly conquered the world of modern shipbuilding. The name of SCHOTTEL has become a synonym for azimuthing rudderpropellers.


In 2005, Josef Becker was honoured post - humously with the renowned Elmer A. Sperry Award for his pioneering invention. The original SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller (SRP) has been subject to continuous ongoing development. Today, with a power rating of up to 6190 kW, it is the superior propulsion solution for a wide range of vessels.

Combination of propulsion and steering

The principal characteristics of the SRP derive from the combination of propulsion and azimuth steering. There is consequently no need for a rudder, and the engine power is optimally converted into thrust. The 360° rotation of the Rudderpropeller means that the full input power is available for manoeuvring.

Propulsion for every application

In tugs of all classes, in inland shipping or on the open sea, in offshore applications, under tropical or arctic conditions – the SRP can be found everywhere. SCHOTTEL engineers develop the appropriate propulsion concept for every requirement, whether diesel-electric or diesel-direct drive.


The SRP is the ideal propulsion solution for many vessels where the focus is on optimal implementation of the available power. The SCHOTTEL experts provide advice and support in matters of hydrodynamics, tank and model tests, monitoring and steering options, FE calculations, ice-class considerations and special solutions. Their experience forms the basis for long-term customer satisfaction.


  • Maximum manoeuvrability
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Economical operation
  • Space-saving installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Optimized in terms of cavitation and vibration
  • Dependable design
  • Fixed or controllable-pitch propeller
  • Z or L drive
SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller SRP
SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller SRP
Brochure Rudderpropeller
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