SCP Controllable-Pitch Propeller

Reliable propulsion systems rated at up to 30,000 kW

SCHOTTEL Controllable Pitch Propellers (SCP) are the appropriate solution when highest propulsive efficiency for changing speed or load are required and best manoeuvrability is needed. No matter whether big ferries, container ships, heavy lift vessels or offshore supply vessels are to be equipped.


The power spectrum ranges from 600 kW to 30,000 kW, with propeller sizes varying between approximately 1.5 to 8.0 metres. The simple structure of the SCP guarantees a high level of user-friendliness, and the robust design keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum and ensures it a long service life.

Operation principle

Contrary to a conventional propeller with a fixed pitch, blades can be rotated around their axis and change their pitches variably and stagelessly from zero thrust to headway or reversing. Advanced calculation methods allow the SCP to be optimally adjusted to the hydrodynamic conditions on the vessel’s hull, thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing noise generation.


  • Highest propulsive efficiency for changing speed or load
  • A reversing gear is not needed.
  • Enhanced manoeuvrability
  • Easy maintenance thanks to robust design
  • Easy operation
  • Propulsion package available
SCHOTTEL Controllable-Pitch Propeller SCP
SCHOTTEL Controllable-Pitch Propeller SCP
Brochure CP-Propeller
The brochure SCHOTTEL CP-Propeller in pdf for download (8 MB)