SCD Combi Drive

Technical Data


Input Power 


Input Speed L-Drive
Propeller ø
   A      B      C      D   
Single propeller version with nozzle
SCD 43014501550166020007502.40
SCD 46018301960 2090 23507502.60
SCD 51020502150 2300 26009002.80
SCD 63028003000320033007503.40
SCD 71032503500370042007503.60
Twin propeller version
SCD 560 STP22502400250027008002.65

Designed for voltage of 690V.

*Weight without oil filling.



  RatingRating descriptionTypical vessel application
 A  continous unrestricted operations  freighters, tankers, seismic vessels, cable layer,
ocean going vessels 
Balternating unrestricted operationsferries, dredgers, diesel driven offshore vessels,
pleasure yachts, river or lake going vessels
Coffshore dutyelectrical driven offshore vessels and supply boats, AHTS,
escort tugs, work boats, light passenger vessels, barges
Dtug dutyharbour tugs, light harbour crafts, 
light river or light lake going vessels
Eauxiliary restricted operationsauxiliary crafts, 
non classified vessels and work boats

Above descriptions are for guidance purposes only. They are not applicable for ice classed vessels. The final thruster selection is dependable on the practical operation profile of the vessel and will be determined by SCHOTTEL for each case. The indicated ratings are based on experiencegained from the field in which the typical types of vessels are operating. If you cannot identify your application under "Typical Applications" or if you have a vessel with a special operating profile, SCHOTTEL will be pleased to offer advice and assistance to find the appropriate drive.