SCD Combi Drive

Electric azimuth thrusters

In combination with a power management system, electric drives increase the efficiency of the propulsion system and reduce fuel consumption. Electric energy generation systems on board are capable of producing only the power currently required and distributing it to the various consumers.


The desired thrust is set via the speed of the electric motor (frequency control). The connected generators always run at the optimum operating point. Combined with a SCHOTTEL Combi Drive offering a high hydrodynamic and mechanical efficiency, such a system is therefore particularly economical.

Efficiency, thrust and precise manoevering

The SCD is based on the SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller (SRP), the mechanical azimuth thruster proven in decades of service in all sectors of shipping. With the SCD, the SCHOTTEL engineers have implemented a concept uniting the decisive technical and economical advantages of the Rudderpropeller with the electric drive principle.


The SCD is available in both single and twin-propeller versions. In this respect too, the long positive experience with the mechanical SCHOTTEL Twin Propeller (STP) has been linked with the electric concept.


Its compact design makes the SCD an especially suitable choice when the available space is limited, as is the case with offshore supply vessels in particular. But the SCD is also an ideal propulsion system for RoPax and double-ended ferries, tankers, container ships and yachts. The SCHOTTEL Combi Drive is based on the successful Rudderpropeller models with their proven mechanical components, and covers the power spectrum from 1850 to 4200 kW with propeller diameters ranging from 2600 to 3600 mm.

Compact, maintenance friendly design

In contrast with other commercially available systems, in which the electric motor is housed in an underwater pod that is overdimensioned for this purpose, the motor in the SCD is vertically integrated into the support tube of the thruster and thus inside the vessel. The SCD therefore features a very compact, hydrodynamically optimized underwater housing. Furthermore, the SCD is easy to install and to maintain.


  • Combination of an electric drive system with proven mechanical components
  • Outstanding manoeuvring characteristics thanks to 360° steerability
  • Hydrodynamically optimized
  • Electric motor is located in the support tube inside the vessel
  • No shaftline required
  • No aligning of motor and Rudderpropeller on the vessel
  • No motor foundation
  • Extremely compact design
  • Easy to install
Brochure Combi Drive
The brochure SCHOTTEL Combi Drive in pdf for download (3 MB)