Technical Data

TypeInput Power
Input speed Z-Drive
Propeller ø
NAV 100-1902002251800/ 23000.85
NAV 130-26028031518001.05
NAV 150-3103303701800/ 21001.10
NAV 190-47050056018001.40
TypeApprox. dimensions of NAV*
LxBxH [m] 
Max. propeller arm length (PAL)
NAV 1003.40 x 1.60 x 2.253.60
NAV 1304.20 x 1.90 x 2.354.80
NAV 1504.20 x 1.90 x 2.354.80
NAV 1905.10 x 2.00 x 2.555.40

* Height= bottom line of frame - top/upper edge of motor canopy (length x breadth x height).

** weight of Navigator with SRP, propeller and oil with PAL min.

Consult SCHOTTEL if a PAL is requested which is longer than the max.


  RatingRating descriptionTypical vessel application
 A  continous unrestricted operations  freighters, tankers, seismic vessels, cable layer,
ocean going vessels 
Balternating unrestricted operationsferries, dredgers, diesel driven offshore vessels,
pleasure yachts, river or lake going vessels
Coffshore dutyelectrical driven offshore vessels and supply boats, AHTS,
escort tugs, work boats, light passenger vessels, barges
Dtug dutyharbour tugs, light harbour crafts, 
light river or light lake going vessels
Eauxiliary restricted operationsauxiliary crafts, 
non classified vessels and work boats