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We offer powerful, cost-effective and efficient propulsion and manoeuvring systems for the widest range of vessels.


Functional market segmentation helps us to target the exact needs of our customers: inland shipping, river and coastal shipping, ferries, yachts, harbour and sea-going tugs, ocean-going vessels, offshore systems, and military applications. Each area has different requirements, for which our engineers and technicians develop the appropriate Solutions.

STP Twin-Propeller

Two propellers are mounted on a common shaft and rotate in the same direction. The STP is thus the successful optimization of the complete Rudderpropeller system, with significantly increased efficiency, and is the ideal propulsion unit for all ships in the medium speed range with application- related higher propeller loads.

SCD Combi Drive

The SCHOTTEL Combi Drive (SCD) is an electric drive. The electric motor is integrated vertically into the support tube of the Rudder propeller. The SCD combines the advantages of a powerful drive with a slimline, maintenancefriendly, hydrodynamically optimized design. It covers the power spectrum from 2000 to 3800 kW

SCP CP-Propeller

SCHOTTEL Controllable-Pitch Propellers (SCP) are propulsion systems which can be used in nearly all vessel types. The power spectrum ranges from 600 kW to 30,000 kW, with propeller diameters varying between approximately 1.5 and 8.0 m.

STT Transverse Thruster

With SCHOTTEL Transverse Thrusters (STT), we offer reliable manoeuvring aids for all types of vessel. Available with either fixed or controllable-pitch propellers, they are indispensable for secure harbour manoeuvring or positioning tasks.

SRT Rim Thruster

The SCHOTTEL Rim Thruster is a quiet, space- and weight-saving drive. It converts electric power directly into propulsion - without transmission losses or noise caused by a gearbox. The stator of the electric motor is integrated into the tunnel and the thruster blades are fastened to the inside of the rotor. The eco-friendly electric rim-driven thrusters is available in four sizes. The thrusters offer a rated power of 200 - 800 kW and a variable number of blades.