marzo 2014

ITS 2014 Hamburg - Preview

SCHOTTEL “at home” inviting to visit informative booth and Tug Ballet

Since the invention of the Rudderpropeller by Josef Becker, the SCHOTTEL founder, this azimuth thruster has become a classic and the propulsion solution whenever utmost manoeuvrability is needed. The Rudderpropeller conquered the shipping world and tugs have been a core market of SCHOTTEL since that time. On ITS 2014 the German manufacturer will underpin its leading role in the area of innovative propulsion systems and inform about latest news on the stand and in the port of Hamburg.


A highlight will be eco-friendly tug projects - above all the Rudderpropeller (SRP) series SRP 3000 and 4000 with PTI. With the SRP PTI series, SCHOTTEL presents a hybrid solution reducing fuel consumption and emissions considerably. The PTI is mounted on the upper water gearbox of the SRP opposite to the input power train. The PTI is a PEM electric motor providing 460 kW at 1100 rpm for manoeuvring and transit operation up to 10 kn with turned off main diesel engine.


Since tugboats are required to perform a wide variety of tasks across the entire power spectrum they are rarely if ever assured of continued operations at or near the high power levels required for optimum engine performance. The PTI solution adapts to the task at hand. It eliminates the part load operation from the combustion engine and takes over for transit and idling. The system allows easy switch between engine and PTI during tug operation. Easily the power of the PTI can be added to the diesel engine in the boost mode for maximum bollard pull or high torque requirements at partial loads.  Moreover the system does not need a battery and the main engine will be considerably smaller in size which makes it cost efficient as well. Another benefit is a high level of redundancy as there is an electric motor in addition to the combustion engine. The first application of this system is the EDDY tug.


35 years after the Tug Convention 1979 in Hamburg, when Allan Brunton-Reed and SCHOTTEL first presented a tug ballet to the delegates, SCHOTTEL will again be the sponsor of this unique demonstration of the manoeuvrability of modern tugboats. On Friday, the convention will be rounded off with this impressive show in the port of Hamburg.