SCHOTTEL HYDRO can draw on 60 years of SCHOTTEL experience with underwater machinery. SCHOTTEL HYDRO uses this extensive knowledge for its component supply service in the market segment of instream energy. SCHOTTEL HYDRO offers the entire range, from single components such as pitch mechanisms through to complete drive trains including gear box, generator and power conditioning.

Turbine Hubs

Besides the production of own tidal turbines, SCHOTTEL also supplies components to other tidal turbine developers. These include for example the design and manufacturing of hub, pitch mechanism and slow speed shaft.

Gear Technology

In addition to turbine supplies, SCHOTTEL HYDRO offers extended experience in gear and drive technology. In co-operation with its subsidiary PW the company developed a high precision drive especially for tidal turbines, adapted to operating in seawater and freshwater. PW is a producer of high quality gear technology since 30 years and equipped the drive with an integrated bearing of the rotor. Thus, it is very compact and perfectly tuned to the turbine.

Controllable Pitch Blades

Turbine blades are exposed to extreme forces of the water current. Fixed to the hub with a controllable pitch mechanism the blades can rotate around their axis. They change their pitches variably, adapting optimally to the hydrodynamic conditions. This automated process guarantees a steady and save power delivery, even if the thrust is unpredicted high.