SRP 肖特尔舵桨

New SCHOTTEL M-series: Proven SRP available in medium-size

With medium-sized azimuth thrusters, SCHOTTEL meets new challenges on the international maritime market. These include shifted engine power classes, new ice class rules and the growing trend towards electric or hybrid drive vessels. Combining the latest technologies in mechanical engineering, hydrodynamics, and digitalization, the medium-sized thrusters are available in three sizes corresponding to the common engine power classes: SRP 210 (640 kW), SRP 240 (850 kW) and SRP 270 (1,000 kW).


Suitable for any vessel type and application
These new SCHOTTEL M-series azimuth thrusters offer the right solution for any vessel type and application with a range of various power source options and input directions. The azimuth modules are available for Z-drives, L-drives and ZY-hybrid drives, making them suitable for horizontal electric, vertical electric or combined direct engine plus horizontal electric motor connection. Thus, the M-series thrusters are also compatible with hybrid solutions – such as SCHOTTEL SYDRIVE.


No vessel design modifications required
Thanks to two basic installation variants, the M-series works with any type of vessel design. Besides the standard installation with variable propeller arm length, a compact minimized variant with shorter propeller arm length is available. These compact installation variants (LC for L-drives, ZC for Z-drives) open up new scope and greater design freedom for ship designers, while leaving more space for other equipment. Both the standard and the compact variant can be bolted, welded or resiliently mounted on vessels.

Great versatility
The new SCHOTTEL M-series features a modular system that allows for multiple configuration options. Great versatility and flexibility in the medium power range, high reliability, optimal spare part availability, and good retrofit options – all combined with the best propulsion efficiency thanks to latest hydrodynamic optimization and mechanic design.

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在所有类型的拖船中、内陆航运和远海应用中、近海应用中、热带或者北极环境中 – 都可以发现SRP的身影。肖特尔工程师为每个要求开发合适的推进概念,无论是柴油电动驱动或者柴油直接驱动。






  • 最大可操纵性
  • 最佳效率
  • 经济运行
  • 充分利用空间的安装方式
  • 维护方便
  • 高可靠性
  • 气穴现象和振动已得到优化
  • 可靠的设计
  • 固定或可调距桨推进器
  • Z或L驱动装置
SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller SRP
SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller SRP
Brochure Rudderpropeller
The brochure SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller in pdf for download (4 MB)