SIT for utility scale project in Canada

40 SIT (2.5 MW) installed at a TRITON platform

A multitude of SIT in a single installation provides a maximum power output. SIT turbines are therefore suitable for utility-scale applications. Forty SCHOTTEL Instream Turbines will prove this: They will be installed on a TRITON platform in the Bay of Fundy, Canada, by the SCHOTTEL HYDRO subsidiary Black Rock Tidal Power (BRTP).

Besides a maximum power per foundation, leading to reduced costs per installed megawatt, the multi-turbines setup features an inherent redundancy: The total yield is not affected if single turbines are out of operation. When the platform is readily installed, it will provide a capacity of 2.5 MW.


BRTP was also awarded the developmental tidal feed-in tariff (FIT) and the respective power purchase agreement (PPA). The electricity supply generated will be fed into the North American power supply system. A second platform will be installed subsequently.

Submerged PLAT-O platform with SIT

PLAT-O platform with two SIT (100 kW)

Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) has developed fully submerged PLAT-O platforms, which are equipped with SIT turbines. The first platform with two SIT has been tested extensively off the Isle of Wight, England. By now, Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) Ltd has made a strategic move into the Scottish tidal energy sector having signed a long term contract with the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Ltd.


SME took on one of the berths at the Fall of Warness tidal test site where it will deploy five PLAT-O systems subsequently in an array over the next two years. In addition to the first platform with two turbines, which is already in operation, four platforms will be added which carry four turbines each. Together, this array will deliver almost 1MW capacity.


The PLAT-O devices are positioned subsea using a taut mooring system. They can thus be deployed at the Fall of Warness without the need for heavy lift vessels for installation or maintenance. The platforms simply float on the water surface for maintenance access when the mooring lines are released. The system is especially suitable for small-scale projects.