Variable pitch hub for MeyGen

AR 1500 turbine for MeyGen project

SCHOTTEL HYDRO also supplies to the world’s largest tidal energy project MeyGen. SCHOTTEL HYDRO will manufacture and deliver the variable pitch hub for the AR1500 turbine of the MeyGen tidal energy project under contract to Lockheed Martin. The MeyGen AR1500, a 1.5 MW seabed mounted turbine, is being designed and delivered by Atlantis Resources and Lockheed Martin. The MeyGen project intends to generate up to 398 MW with offshore tidal turbines by the early 2020s. The AR1500 will have an approximate rotor diameter of 18 meters – asking for a strong and robust hub to accommodate the essential pitch mechanism. SCHOTTEL HYDRO provides this hub with a housing diameter of 2.4 meters and a weight of approximately 35 tons. The active pitch mechanism inside adjusts the rotor blades to the flow and thus adds to the optimum alignment of the full yaw turbine.

Components for Hammerfest Turbine

Andritz-Hydro-Hammerfest HS 1000 turbine

In 2011 SCHOTTEL designed, manufactured and delivered components for the three-bladed Andritz-Hydro-Hammerfest HS 1000 turbine at 1 MW rated power. The SCHOTTEL supply included the hub and pitch mechanism with hydraulics and controls and slow speed shaft. This pitching system allowed optimal harnessing of tidal currents in ebb and flood directions. The device has been installed in Scotland at the end of 2011 and has been feeding into the grid between spring 2012 and January 2013.