SRE EcoPeller

EcoPeller sets standards as a highly efficient thruster

The SCHOTTEL EcoPeller offers outstanding overall propulsion efficiency and excellent course-keeping stability, enabling low fuel consumption and low operating costs and low emissions.


Ship owners are facing big challenges to meet international emission and safety regulations and complex technical requirements. SCHOTTEL meets these developments with a highly efficient thruster optimized for open sea and coastal operating conditions: the SCHOTTEL EcoPeller (SRE).


The SRE combines proven SCHOTTEL quality and technology with the latest, hydrodynamic insights from CFD simulations and model tests. The SRE is based on the SCHOTTEL Combi Drive design principle: The electric motor is vertically integrated into the support tube of the EcoPeller. This design saves space and eliminates the upper of the two angle gears as well as any necessary shaft lines. Thus, the EcoPeller also offers unbeatable comfort thanks to extremely low vibration and low noise levels.


Additionally, the integrated High-Torque-Gear (HTG) technology provides enhanced durability and uptime of the thruster, while the LEACON sealing system guarantees highest oil-to-water-interface protection

SCHOTTEL Rudder EcoPeller® SRE®
SCHOTTEL Rudder EcoPeller® SRE®
Award winning thruster