janvier 2009

SCHOTTEL enters 2009 on a sound footing

With an investment volume in 2008 of around €8.5 million for capacity expansion measures alone, SCHOTTEL GmbH set a course for successful development of the group despite the general worsening of economic conditions worldwide. The past twelve months saw the implementation of a number of carefully planned projects – on schedule and within the constraints of the approved budget. This budget was set at a level that would not overtax the financial means of the SCHOTTEL Group. These projects at the company’s locations in Germany included extensive construction work, the expansion of the machine pool, the optimization of production processes, and the creation of up to 40 new jobs in Spay and around 30 in Wismar. Modernization was also carried out at the foreign subsidiaries – particularly in China and Brazil. With regard to the results, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Jensen, CEO, stressed: “As an independent German company with global operations, this gives us the chance to sustain our position in the top league of global producers of marine propulsion systems.”

View inside one of the modern production shops at SCHOTTEL headquarters in Spay

The Spay location, home of the world-famous Rudderpropeller and longstanding headquarters and ideas factory of the SCHOTTEL Group, is now the machining and gear unit production centre. All Rudderpropeller systems up to a maximum power rating of around 2,300 kW are assembled here. From this strategically important step, the company anticipates the further improvement of its recognized high product quality. The Wismar plant has specialized in the assembly of higher-power propulsion systems. The assembly capacity for large Rudderpropeller systems has now been virtually doubled to approx. 180 systems annually. The company management is convinced that this division of work will make both locations more resistant to fluctuations in the market and capacity utilization. The SCHOTTEL management sees itself on the right course: “An important step has been taken towards consolidating our good position on the global market.”


With a view to the implementation of these projects, Erich Klosterkamp, the former CFO, was appointed to the Board of Management at the beginning of 2008. Now that all measures have been completed within the planned budget and on schedule, the SCHOTTEL Supervisory Board has decided, at its meeting in Spay on 13 January 2009, that with immediate effect Prof. Jensen shall once again act as sole CEO at the helm of the group of companies as it strives for further growth in the current year.