Tailor-made modernization solutions


Cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental protection are issues which shipping companies need to consider. Instead of repairing a vessel or building a new one, in many cases it is more economic to modernize the vessel and its propulsion system.


It is not at all unusual to see SCHOTTEL propulsion systems which are 20 - 30 years old or more and still get the job done. In most cases, however, the requirements on the vessel and its crew have changed over the years, as has the technology. Demands for increased performance, or easier maintenance are only a few of the reasons for modernizing these systems. And this is what we have to offer:

Conversion of DP systems

We equip vessels with additional bow thrusters or prepare the vessel for a higher DP class.

Modernization of steering systems and interfaces

This includes new electric and hydraulic systems, additional operation panels, path-dependant steering systems and masterstick steering. Additionally we offer retrofitting of AP, DP and VDR interfaces.


An upgrade with the SCHOTTEL Conditioning Monitoring System allows the preventive monitoring of propulsion systems.

Retrofitting of propulsion systems

We develop state-of-the-art propulsion concepts for already existing vessels, tailor-made and for a broad range of applications.

Conversion of propulsion systems of other suppliers

We offer conversion of Aquamaster, Kamewa, Ulstein, Jastram, HRP and Voith systems. With a consistent fleet our customers enjoy the advantages of our worldwide SCHOTTEL service network.

Replacement for all SCHOTTEL systems

At short notice we offer solutions for the exchange of a vessel's thrusters and provide our customers with a professional maintenance concept.


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