Customer Training


We want our customers to be satisfied with our systems. And that doesn’t stop with the purchase of SCHOTTEL products. For long-term smooth operation of our propulsion and manoeuvring systems, detailed knowledge of the correct handling and preventive maintenance procedures is required. We give our customers the opportunity to get to know their SCHOTTEL propulsion units better - in training courses covering operation, applications and servicing. Because only correct handling guarantees reliable, efficient operation and many years of satisfaction and pleasure with our products.


To this end, we offer individually tailored customer training courses in German and English. On request, we can also provide training directly at the customer’s site, anywhere in the world. In the same way, the staff of our worldwide sales and service network are regularly informed about the latest developments in SCHOTTEL technology.


In our customer training courses, we instruct the responsible engineers, engine room personnel and shipyard engineers in the technology of SCHOTTEL Rudderpropellers, Twin Propellers and Pump-Jets, hydraulic steering and control systems, and electronic steering systems. Using a demonstration stand, the operation and function of the control console, electric switchgear unit, hydraulic station and Rudderpropeller are explained. To consolidate what you have learnt, all course participants receive training documentation containing the relevant technical drawings and operating instructions. Together with you, we discuss technical problems and find solutions. We value your experience in helping us to continue to improve our products.





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