julio 2015

SCHOTTEL equips Fairplay tugs with complete hybrid propulsion system

Hybrid tractor tug Fairplay IX

Hybrid tractor tug Fairplay XI

The Fairplay fleet in Rotterdam welcomes two new members: The hybrid tractor tugs Fairplay IX and Fairplay XI. Each of the vessels is equipped with a SCHOTTEL hybrid propulsion system. It includes two SCHOTTEL Rudderpropellers SRP 4000 with hybrid gearboxes, two electric motors and an integrated steering control system, specialized for hybrid propulsion.


Tugs are required to fulfil a variety of daily tasks - covering the full power spectrum, from stand by periods to towing operations. The installed hybrid propulsion concept enables the Fairplay tugs to operate always with an optimal power output. At part load, the electric motors (600 kW each) suffice while the two MTU diesel engines (2240 kW each) are employed for operation at full load. Here, the electric motor can be switched on to provide additional power. The 29 meter long tractor tugs have a bollard pull of 90 t and travel at a maximum speed of 13.5 knots.


Hybrid propulsion for flexible use

The SCHOTTEL hybrid propulsion concept is suitable for Rudderpropellers with power input ratings of up to 4200 kW. It offers a flexible combination of diesel engine and electric motor power due to the hybrid gearbox. The power output of the electric motor is variable according to the applied diesel engine performance and rotation speed. “That is why we are able to offer to our customers individual solutions for every vessel.” explains Eric Steffens, Mechanical Engineering and Design department at SCHOTTEL. “Additionally, we see a clear advantage in offering our customers a one-stop-shop for hybrid propulsion. The joint delivery of thruster, gearbox, electric motor and steering control system reduces the interfaces with other component suppliers significantly and thus equips the customer with one point of contact for the whole system.”


Space saving, long lasting, best controlled

Hybrid drive systems reduce pollutant emissions and fuel consumption, since the electric motor diminishes the operating hours of the diesel. This increases the mean time between overhauls (MTBO) and reduces maintenance costs.

Another important feature of the SCHOTTEL one-stop-shop hybrid propulsion solution is the included steering control which is optimized for the flexible operation with two different motor types and integrated in the vessel’s control panel from the outset.


“It is a pleasure for us to see the two Fairplay vessels in operation. While we equipped quite a lot of tugs from the Fairplay fleet, these two are the first with our hybrid propulsion solution.” explains Eric Steffens from SCHOTTEL. “We greatly enjoyed the co-operation with Astilleros Armon shipyard and Fairplay and are already looking forward to share future projects.”