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SCHOTTEL Academy founded

With the founding of the SCHOTTEL Academy in January 2010, the renowned manufacturer of propulsion systems is demonstrating its commitment to improved training and continuous professional development for all target groups. The SCHOTTEL directors symbolically launched the project by cutting a blue ribbon at company headquarters in Spay/Rhine: “We will find ourselves up against a strong headwind in the next few years,” declared Ralf Wöllert, Service Director, “but the same applies to the entire sector. In the Academy, we have an instrument to ensure that we continue to steer a winning course, even in these troubled waters.”

The SCHOTTEL directors open the SCHOTTEL Academy, From left to right: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Jensen, Chief Executive Officer of the SCHOTTEL Group, Ralf Wöllert, Service Director; Christophe Mourot, Chief operating Officer of the SCHOTTEL Group

In view of steadily increasing requirements on marine propulsion and steering systems, their ability to communicate with other on-board systems, and ever greater complexity of shipyard operation, the instruction and training of personnel is becoming more important, as every system is only as good as the service, installation and operating personnel.


Customers, captains, on-board personnel, external service engineers, sales partners and SCHOTTEL employees receive specialist instruction in the operation and servicing of SCHOTTEL products from around 30 trainers at the SCHOTTEL Academy. Approximately 150 training modules have been developed. These can be customized according to the level of knowledge of the target groups and used for individual or group training courses. What makes the SCHOTTEL Academy stand out from previous product training programmes is the emphasis on internal continuous professional development. In this way, SCHOTTEL is ensuring, for example, that new employees or administrative personnel systematically receive in-depth product competence, thus quickly providing them with the technical qualifications they require to perform their tasks.


Qualification at SCHOTTEL is thus based on three pillars:

  • Service training for international customers
  • Technical training for technical employees and technicians
  • Training courses as an instrument for employee development


The name SCHOTTEL Academy stands for teaching and learning with high methodological and didactic standards. In accordance with the “train-the-trainer” principle, SCHOTTEL employees from a wide range of departments have been prepared by specialist external trainers and coaches for their role in imparting expertise. This ensures that the training contents are conveyed in the right manner for the target group. For the purposes of internal training, a competence matrix has been drawn up for every employee and used as a basis for determining their training requirements.


The following training courses and seminars can be booked at SCHOTTEL:

  • Technical training relating to specific customer orders for ships’ personnel at SCHOTTEL in Spay.
  • Technical training relating to specific customer orders for ships’ personnel on site with practical training on board the vessel.
  • General technical training for ships’ personnel at SCHOTTEL in Spay.
  • Training for captains (simulation training at Maritime Simulation Rotterdam b.v. / allocation of training captains for on-site training courses.)


Contact partner is

Reinhold Knecht

Head of SCHOTTEL Academy

+49 2628 61 273