julio 2013

SCHOTTEL presents a new generation of Navigators

SCHOTTEL is due to launch a new generation of Navigators with the NAV 200 at the end of 2013. A propulsion unit of this type will be on display at EUROPORT in Rotterdam. The NAV is a classic which has been established on the...[Leer más]

junio 2013

SCHOTTEL presents hydrodynamically optimized Generation of large Thrusters

Compact, modular and performance-optimized – that’s how the new generation of SCHOTTEL Rudderpropellers (SRP) and Twin Propellers (STP) can briefly be characterized.


The thruster housing, e.g. has been optimized using CFD...[Leer más]

junio 2013


Innovative PLAT-O platform trial will help deliver cost-effective tidal energy [Leer más]

junio 2013

Eröffnung eines Reparaturzentrums in Wismar

Optimierung des SCHOTTEL Serviceangebots



[Leer más]

noviembre 2012

SCHOTTEL presents first TIDAL Generator to the Public

At the occasion of the International Tidal Energy Summit in November in London, SCHOTTEL presented the first SCHOTTEL TIDAL Generator (STG 50) to the public.



Optimum generator size

The SCHOTTEL Tidal Generator is a...[Leer más]

agosto 2012
Bekenntnis zur Rhein-Hunsrück-Region (v.l.n.r.) : Peter Unkel, Bürgermeister Verbandsgemeinde Emmelshausen, Professor Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Jensen, Geschäftsführer SCHOTTEL GmbH, Hermann-Josef Beres, Ortsbürgermeister Ortsgemeinde Dörth

SCHOTTEL erwirbt 8 Hektar großes Industriegrundstück in Dörth

Deutliches Bekenntnis zur Rhein-Hunsrück-Region[Leer más]

junio 2012

SCHOTTEL extends product range

SCHOTTEL Rim Thruster (SRT) for OSVs, Superyachts and Inland Water Vessels[Leer más]