Living and working in
„Germany's most beautiful region“

Our headquarters is in Spay/Rhine, close to Koblenz, on the banks of the River Rhine. Of course it is no metropolis, but definitely is "... Germany's most beautiful region", as Heinrich von Kleist described the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in 1803. And the fact that it was declared a Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site in 2002 proves that it has lost none of its charm.


In addition to our two German branches in Dörth and Wismar, we also have subsidiaries around the world in the Netherlands, France, USA, Brazil, Singapore, China, Russia and United Arab Emirates.


Innovation has been a key factor in our success as a medium-sized company group, which we have proven time and again with new products. The most recent example: our new "Josef Becker Research Centre", named after our company founder and the inventor of the Rudderpropeller. There, engineers from a variety of disciplines work on creative solutions for modern shipping and related areas away from the routine of day-to-day business.


However, the entire SCHOTTEL crew is what has guaranteed our enduring success. We know and appreciate this. And are proud of it. Whether research, development, production, sales or management - we give our employees freedom in all areas, encourage initiative and commitment, invest in better production methods, organizational structures and working conditions. This environment not only promotes the dynamic development of long-term economic success, but also creates excellent career prospects.


As a medium-sized employer, we have a duty to every single employee, both professionally and personally. That means we are mindful of family matters which require attention. It is important for us that our employees can balance their working and family lives. This has allowed us to create a working environment which ensures motivation, commitment and loyalty.