Tirelessly on the high seas

Eivind Solvang, Superintendent at Norled
Double ended ferry RYFYLKE - 2 x SCHOTTEL Twin Propeller STP 1515 (1850 kW each)
Double ended Ferry TIDESUND - 2 x SCHOTTEL STP 1010 (120 kW each)

Norled satisfied with SCHOTTEL Propulsion

Eivind Solvang makes a very relaxed impression when he is talking about the Norled ferries he has been operating for a long time already – from a good reason: He is working in a company which is one of Norway's largest ferry and express boat operators. Stavanger based Norled has 80 vessels and operates ferry and express boat services with a strong focus on  eco-friendly technology. As important part of the infrastructure, the company considers the current challenges in ensuring a smoothly-running transport system, while also reducing emissions drastically. Norled is in the forefront in environmental issues – from the design and construction of new vessels to day-to-day operation with eco-friendly navigation and sensible acquisitions.

14 double ended ferries for safe and reliable transportation
A fleet of 14 double ended ferries with SCHOTTEL propulsion systems connects mainland and islands and crosses fjords along the Norwegian coastline. Solvang started his career in 2001 in the Norwegian ferry company and knows what he is talking about. "The SCHOTTEL twin propellers (STP) provide extraordinary thrust both in the aft and the bow of the vessels with no losses in the direction you need which is very important since they have to compensate strong windforces and currents." For the operation profile of the ferries, of course, utmost manoeuvrability is needed. Solvang appreciates this a lot and furthermore mentions the safety: "The concept offers additional redundancy with the STP’s in each end driven by its own e-motor or diesel engine., compared to the former diesel direct driven solutions with just one engine and  conventional controllable pitch propeller shaft lines. Furthermore, he emphasizes, that “for our passengers, the reduced noise is a clear asset”.

More than 15 years of cooperation
The SCHOTTEL driven fleet consists of 7 diesel direct driven ferries, 2 diesel electric ferries and 5 gas electric ferries with one STP at each end of the vessel. More than 15 years of selecting SCHOTTEL for the propulsion system is a clear sign of satisfaction with the German propulsion manufacturer  and the subsidiary Frydenbø SCHOTTEL Nordic in Norway. The ferry Fedjefjord, operating on the route Fedje – Sævrøy, equipped with 2 x STP 1010, has now been in good operation since 2001 with appr. 56000 hours. The newest ferries with SCHOTTEL units is the Ibestad with 2 x STP 550, delivered from Sefine Shipyard in 2014 and the Ryfylke and Hardanger both with 2 x STP 1515, delivered from Remontowa Shipyard in 2013.

"The operational experience we have with the vessels is very good. That's why we have been installing STP in our vessels over such a long period already" says Solvang. "The vessels have very few downtimes. And if we had problems, we could always count on SCHOTTEL. Frydenbo SCHOTTEL Nordic service engineers which were available almost immediately for maintenance and repair. The service organization works well with just one local point of contact".

Eco friendly ferries are of major importance
Solvang, who is 39 years old now, will be operating many ferries in the future. With his broad experience he knows what is a good and green solution for the times to come: "Hybrid propulsion is a real contribution to the protection of the environment". Norled has recently  converted the ferry Folgefonn  to  plug in hybrid. This is an innovative solution combining the diesel electric system with batteries. The batteries are being loaded both from the excess energy from the generator sets, as well from a charging station at the time ashore.