SRP Retractable Thruster

Technical Data

TypeInput Power
Input speed
Propeller ø
SRP 170 ZSV220 - 3501800/20001.004.00
SRP 330 ZSV400 - 620 18001.358.00
SRP 550 ZSV650 - 10001000/1200/1600/18001.6519.50
SRP 1012 ZSV1000 - 15001000/1200/1600/18002.1034.00
SRP 3000 ZSV1500 - 2000750/900/1000/1200/1600/18002.2038.50
SRP 4000 ZSV2000 - 30001200/20002.8059.50

* Weight only SRP, well installation, with propeller and oil at PAL min. (from SRP 550 upwards with nozzle)


The indicated powers are short time allowed maximum input powers. Depending on the vessel type, the operation profile, the specific use and the classification the maximum allowable powers will be lower.


Specification is subject to change without notice.

Data are a guideline for projects.